About Impact4Change

Impact4Change is a collaborative platform for all change-makers! It is led by the Taylor’s Makerspace to spark social impact for the local and national communities. Organizations, enterprises, agencies, communities or individuals would have the opportunity to tap into the Taylor’s University academician and student talents for collaborative impact creations by joining Impact4Change.

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Official Partners

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Whether you need a few more courses to help you finish up your degree or pursue your career goals.


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Are you preparing for licensure renewal or recertification, seeking an endorsement, or looking for professional growth opportunities? You’ve got options.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of resources are available to me when I participate in Impact4Change?

All Taylor’s students that are involved with any of the Impact4Change projects have access to all services offered by the Taylor’s Makerspace. These services include Consultancy (Design/ Fabrication/ Technology); Prototyping and Testing (3D printing and laser cutting). Labs : Fabrication Lab, Electronics Lab and the Design Lab.

Who is eligible to submit a challenge?

We are open to receive challenges from organisations and small and medium enterprises. Self-employed individuals are welcome to submit their challenges too!

What are the suitable modules for collaboration?

Approved challenges would be taken up by students who are enrolled in any of the university’s Multidisciplinary Learning Experience (MLE), Final Year Project (FYP), Capstone Projects, and Social Innovation Project (U4) modules.

Why is this beneficial for you as a student?

We at Impact4change are big on empowering students like you to live out your best innovations and ideas by brainstorming and solving global challenges! We believe that with the right guidance and resources, the ideas in your head can be turned into a reality, and at the same time make the world a better place for all.