A Holistic Eco-Friendly Product Marketplace

Schools for collaboration :

  1. School of Media & Communication
  2. Taylor’s Business School
  3. The Design School


At Ecopurpose, we are committed to ensuring all our products are ethically produced and sustainable from product inception, all the way to hands of the consumer. We aim to ensure everything about our product is purposeful and has a positive impact on maker, the end-user and the environment.

Additionally, through this project – we aim to provide opportunities to the “less privileged” by equipping them with the skills to make the environmentally friendly products and giving them chance to ignite their entrepreneurial journey with the right skills. This would allow them to obtain some momentum for upward social mobility and the opportunity for a better livelihood.

Our challenge for the students who are keen on helping Ecopurpose fulfil our commitments is to help reach our potential customers in a more engaging and meaningful way.


  • Produce social media marketing content to reach potential customers through engaging graphic designs.
  • Write engaging copy for to go with the content produced by the graphic designer.
  • Increase and maintain social media presence through effective plans and strategies for campaigns on each of the different social media platforms.

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