Architecture Design for New IMC Compound

Schools for collaboration :

Schools for collaboration :

  1. School of Architecture, Building & Design


We at IMC help care for children with special needs and those who are differently abled.

At IMC, we are in need for a new space where we can be more comfortable with better amenities with a space that is designed with our needs in mind. Therefore, we are looking for a volunteer that can help with designing our new space based on our vision so that we have something tangible we can show to the authorities and be more targeted in our search for suitable land.

We aim to be more self-sufficient with spaces and facilities that are beneficial and improve the wellbeing of the children under our care.

For example – space vegetable garden would be great in terms of our sustainability (and in driving operational costs down).


  • Detailed floor plan with proposed dimensions based on our vision
  • Detailed conceptual 3D model of proposed building
  • An AV presentation of proposed building to show to land authority/government/other agencies to visualise our ideas and show them something more tangible that just an idea.

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