Care Shelter Kuala Lumpur

Schools for collaboration :

  1. School of Architecture, Building & Design
  2. The Design School
  3. Taylor’s Business School
  4. Taylor’s Law School
  5. School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the MCO and restrictions of travel / tourism, many hotels and hospitality businesses have closed down in Malaysia. At the same time, many people in Malaysia are struggling financially; cases of eviction and termination have been on a sharp rise.We are transforming a capsule hostel into a general shelter; located on Jalan Chow Kit, Kuala Kumpur, for those who are facing financial difficulties, been evicted or lost work. The shelter will be a temporary place for the beneficiaries to stay while they get their lives back on track. We are working with multiple NGOs in order to establish and run the project and will build beneficiary development programs (Education / Skills / Employment..).Funding: Crowd-funded + individual / corporate sponsorship + donations + grants


Objective :

  • Transform the capsule hostel into a general shelter (renovations / upgrades)
  • Build a solid working relationship between all parties involved (NGOs+Beneficiaries+Donors)
  • Build strong well-coordinated procedure for the project (Admission of beneficiaries.. etc)
  • Build development programs for the beneficiaries (Education / Skills / Employment..)
  • Successfully raise the amount of funds needed through crowd funding / grants / sponsorship

Outcome :

  • Create a general shelter that people will benefit from
  • Create a platform / opportunity for NGOs and participants can synergies to deliver bigger impact to the society

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