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The social services of Good Shepherd Services (GSS) started more than 60 years ago with the establishment of Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd (PKGS). In April 2015, GSS was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee to continue the PKGS tradition of upholding the rights, worth and dignity of women and children in underserved communities and those experiencing sexual and gender-based violence.

However, the organisation is struggling with their resources and often waste time/energy/money inefficiently dealing with issues and problems. This is due to the lack of technology savviness in the team. Additionally, services provided are limited, the lack of technical expertise to help in certain matters (relating to digital/technology) caused the low productivity of the team. This project is aiming for a central repository or knowledge base platform that can easily populate and refer to (like an FAQ) for issues that the organisation face and use that as a guide for a better solution.


  • Have a central repository that contains key information on dealing with issues.
  • Has to be sorted well with categories
  • Able to help us drive up productivity by not wasting time

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