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Taylor’s University, School of Medicine is home to medical students who wish to become knowledgeable medical doctors with a heart for healing the sick and the dedication to elevate the medical profession. Taylor’s Clinical School hosts around 150 medical students from year 3 to 5. Each semester student is studying 3 to 6 modules from a total of 23 modules. In every module logbook assessment is compulsory for attitude assessment, professionalism, recording the on call, hospital visit and teaching-learning activities presentation. The school has been using the paper-based logbook system from the beginning until now. Every semester considerable amount of paper has been used to prepare the logbook. The paper-based logbook has certain limitations especially during online teaching. The positive perception on the usefulness of e-log system has been documented in other universities locally and internationally.This project is to develop a mobile app as learning suite for students in School of Medicine.


  • The objective of this project is to design and develop a mobile app that serves as a learning record and portal to resources for students in the MBBS programme.
  • At the time of writing, these are thought to be the scope of the project and note that this may change as we gain more understanding of the system and technology as the project progress along.As the scope of work is extensive, this project may require multiple project teams.Inclusions
  • The proposed e-logbook with a flexible function of selecting discipline, semester or year, shall help building up experiences without the confine of a fixed printed logbook- customized logbook for each posting in each semester.
  • This shall also include/replace separate record logs like including mentor-mentee logbook, elective report etc.
  • Easy amendments and quick updates: With choice of compatible items as in the printed logbook with flexibility of inserting/appending resources, written assignment and recorded encounters with colleagues and dedicated sessions with patients after appropriate consent.
  • Ease of assessment and submissions: Linkage with TIMES, submission function (case write-up), with the teacher having the admin version that can receive and mark submission of logbooks and written assignments.
  • Rapid dissemination: Linkages with other online learning resources such as textbook in app form. Learning videos etc.
  • Personalized characterization of the overall learning experiences over 5 years, by cumulative changes in the “Spiderweb” shapes or the like.
  • Can be used to obtain accumulative – MICROCREDENTIAL scores- as each student uses a unique ID on the app while going through multiple clinical rotations.
  • Used to track their “Professionalism/ Soft Skills” conduct (Like the current logbook) – and can provide a quick link to the “Second Mark Sheet”/ SHINE Score
  • Barcoded / QR coded – may be an easy and effective tool to record attendance.
  • Easy to award progress BADGES – particularly for graduate capabilities.
  • To be able to use in common platforms such Android and iOS.
  • Potential integration with micro-credentialing functions (internal and external) as well as wider means and evidence of learning experiences towards a complete attainment of wholesome undergraduate medical training.
  • Teachers’ functionality: to monitor the completion of logbook and rate the overall completion criteria (e.g. via linkage to a common online platform with the students but with special access to certain functionality like putting marks in certain columns.)
  • Method to register students and lecturers
  • Method to enroll into the 23 or more modules
  • Method of incorporating the diverse requirements of each individual module
  • Method of determining competencies
  • Method to notify the lecturers/ coordinator – incomplete tasks/ poor performance
  • Method to determine progress criterion
  • Method to record all activities.
  • Method to record feedback/ratings input from all.
  • Method to record comments from Staff (Academic/Admin/ External Lecturers).
  • An admin module

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