Inventory Tracking and Customer Support System

Schools for collaboration :

  1. The Design School
  2. School of Computer Science & Engineering
  3. School of Media & Communication


At UPcycled Shack, we convert trash/waste materials to sellable merchandised goods. Currently, the process of making merchandise, storing, tagging and keeping track inventory is all done manually. This process is very resource and time consuming as it is not systemised or automated. What is needed is a an automated inventory tracking system that is able to receive orders from customers; gather all necessary information from the customer; keep track of stock status etc. This is to ensure the process is streamlined and there is no wastage of resources at any stage of a sale.

Additionally, we would welcome help promoting our merchandise with help from a student with a marketing background with experience in graphic design.


  • Automate order receiving, payment processing, and inventory updating
  • Reduce wastage in terms of time/money
  • Make customer experience more pleasant by quickly moving through different phases (from browsing-purchasing-issuing receipts-shipping and delivery).
  • Increased sales from increased marketing effort with better visuals from somewhat experienced graphic design student

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