Pharmacy Education software

Schools for collaboration :

  1. School of Pharmacy
  2. School of Computer Science & Engineering


Pharmacy education software is an interactive teaching software that will help medical and pharmacy students to replicate clinical scenario in a safe environment. The software tends to bring real world clinical scenarios into practice hence by the time students graduate they are more confident and are aware of hospital and pharmacy practices in a safe environment.for medical students, the software can help in prescription generation upon diagnosis. the software will then alert pharmacist that the prescription is generated and it is needed to dispensed. the pharmacist will look into legality and clinical check of the prescription and if found appropriate will dispense the item along with necessary instruction.the software helps into inventory maintenance and will be also be a communication platform between physician and pharmacist in case of any prescripiton requires clarification.the software can also be used to evaluate studnet performances


  • increase in inter professional collaboration among pharmacy and medical students
  • development of a teaching software that may potentially have a commercial value for other universities.
  • increase studnet confidence and encourage safe medical practices. in a safe environment.

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