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  1. School of Pharmacy


During this COVID-19 pandemic, use of hand sanitisers has become a necessity in households and public places. Hand sanitisers have been used much more frequently than before to kill the viruses. However, excessive use of these sanitisers can lead to a few side effects: irritation and drying of skin, dermatitis, ocular irritation and conjunctivitis, and importantly, the risk of developing drug-resistant bacteria. The latter is a huge concern, as these bacteria can cause life-threatening infections and some cannot be treated with existing antibiotics. Cleaning hands with water and soap is the best option, but we do not always have access to water at all places. Hence, sanitisers, which is a portable and alternative way for us to clean our hands, will continue to be in demand. There are available “natural” alternatives, but most are not certified and claims are not backed up with evidence.


  • The objective of this project is to formulate a hand sanitiser using natural products that is safe and effective for frequent usage. The secondary objective is to use the formulation to create sanitising products that can be used in schools and pre-schools to clean without ill effects on health.

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