Upcycled Planter Pot Mold Production

Schools for collaboration :

  1. The Design School
  2. School of Architecture, Building & Design
  3. School of Computer Science & Engineering


The project aims to create a functional mould for one of our products, which is the flower pot.

To do so, our team uses the injection mould method, where we’ll pour in shredded plastic into the injection moulding machine, heat them up, and inject it into the plastic pot mould.

However, we’re facing a problem. During the injection process, some of them cools down in the injection mould before filling up the whole pot mould.

This doesn’t occur with other products as the planter pot mould is quite big and there’s only one injection point to fill it up.

Hence, we need some help to research and find out what are the possible causes for this to happen and how we could solve this.

The dimension of the pot mould is as follows:
height: 7cm
diameter bottom: 5cm
diamter top: 7cm
wall thickness: 3mm


  • To find out possible causes of the moulding defects
  • To propose possible solutions to fix the defect
  • To prevent future possible issues with the mould

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