Wheel of Hope

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Many B40 children especially those living in plantation estates disconnected from education and many have dropped from school to support families.

Through Wheel of Hope, identified B40 children will be fetched from their houses to get free tuition at Hope Selangor Centre.

Hope Selangor is working towards bridging this gap by doing its bit for educating the underprivileged and orphan children. Our underlying belief is that if we help one child in receiving a quality education, that child would help others thus propagating our work and bringing good to society. The task of educating every underprivileged child cannot be achieved by one individual or one organization, but we believe that the work we have started is a very small step and several such small steps will lead to this change.

As Such many B40 kids left out from online learning during MCO will be given the opportunity to get proper education like other children.


  • Hope Selangor is working towards the goal of achieving quality education for every underprivileged and orphaned child and to serve towards this cause, the organization has planned to start a mobile tuition where such children would be given free education along with different activities and programmes which can help in overall development of children and in making them responsible citizens.

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